Monday, December 28, 2009

Chocolate Mint Brownies

Chocolate Mint Brownies
Recipe from Elizabeth's mother

2 sticks margarine
4 one ounce squares unsweetened baking chocolate
Melt together.

4 eggs
2 cups sugar
Beat together and add melted chocolate and margarine.

1 tsp vanilla
Add to above.

1 cup flour
Blend in.

Bake in a 9x13 pan at 350 for 20 minutes. They may need a little longer.

2 TBS margarine
2 cups powdered sugar
2 1/2 TBS milk
1 tsp peppermint flavoring
green food coloring

Cream sugar and butter. Add milk, mint, and food coloring. Spread on cooled brownies and refrigerate them for 20 minutes.

2 one ounce squares unsweetened baking chocolate
2 TBS margarine

Melt and spread on top FAST! Cut into small squares.
**Use the back of a spoon to spread on glaze. Spread quickly because it hardens fast.

Unfortunately I don't have pictures of these brownies because I forgot to take some when I made them for the in-laws over Christmas. My mom has been making them for years and I recently started making them when I want to impress people. Believe me, everyone you make these for will rave about them and want the recipe. They make a good amount and should be cut into small squares because they're pretty rich. My mom has dyed the frosting pink/blue for baby showers, and a co-worker has used orange flavoring rather than mint on occasion.

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